Sunday, 30 September 2012

iPhone Cases

It's that time of the year again... when people are looking at upgrading their iPhone. If you're like me, I like keeping my phone in mint condition... that means a good case and screen protector (good in both quality and value for money of course!)

At the moment, I've decided I'd quite happily stick with my iPhone 4S, but I thought I'd share my research on cases for the 4S as the same brand and principles will apply when looking for cases for the iPhone 5.

These were the cases I narrowed my selection down to:

Incase Slider
Loved this case for my 3GS; tight fit, durable, relatively scratch resistant, has a lip so the phone can be placed on the table face down without any worries. Caution: if you are sliding it on and off, be sure to clean out any dust from the case as the tight fit can cause the dust to scratch the back/side of the phone.
With regards to the 4 or 4S version of the case, there are reports stating there are of wear and tear unlike 3GS case. This is to do with the finish they decided on; the 3GS was shiny and the 4/4S is slightly rubberised.

Speck Pixelskin HD
Nice, snug fit, good camera cut out, good impact absorption. Some rare comments found about dust being trapped underneath and scratching phone! Highly recommend this and have seen my friends who have had this for over a year and have not noticed any dust/scratching problem

Thin, professional looking and adds minimal additional weight/size to the phone. The negatives (in my eyes) is that there is little/no lip on the front so facing the phone face down would result in the phone's screen touching the table surface. It also offers very little drop protection

Other cases I read up but quickly decided against were: 
Griffin Reveal Etch Case (Graphite)
SGP iPhone 4 Case Linear Color Series (Gun Metal)
Incipio NGP Matte TPU Jelly Case (Black)
Switcheasy Vulcan

Finally, the one I ended up getting and highly recommend is:

CaseCrown Slider
  • 2 piece, slim and compact design
  • Felt lined interior to protect iPhone from scratches
  • Great quality
  • Good screen protector included
  • A range of colours including my favourite: metallic finish with two gradient colours
  • Cheap!

I liked it so much that I even left a review on Amazon!
If you found this article useful and want to purchase a case, please click on the adverts above :)

Good luck case hunting!