Sunday, 13 March 2016

Kodi, TV Add-on, Torrent Automation Instructions

Amazon Fire TV setup and Kodi Installation
The following details full instructions on how to get your Amazon FireTV or FireStick up and running with Kodi and various other useful addons. Please note that you can install Kodi on many other devices, such as Mac and Windows; simply download the appropriate version of Kodi at and skip to "Installation of TV addons for Kodi". Enjoy!
  1. On the Amazon FireTV or FireStick, Enable ADB debugging:
    • Go to Settings > System > Developer Options > ADB Debugging > On
    • Guide with images: LINK
  2. On the FireTV, make a note of the IP address by clicking Settings > Network Info
  3. The following steps are for Windows PC.
    If you have a Mac, skip steps 3 - 11, and follow the instructions on this website: LINK
  4. Download and install the latest version of FTV app:
    Note: Only unzip the files to C:\FTV (otherwise, it will not work)
  5. Launch FTV app by opening "Amazon FireTV Utility App.exe"
  6. Go to File > Settings > Input the IP address > Click Save and Close
  7. Click File > Connect
  8. Select 'Kodi' from 'Select your Kodi Flavour:' drop-down selection
  9. Click "1-Click Download and Install Kodi"
  10. Install the following:
    1. FireStarter (alternative/simple home screen that allows you to update kodi easily)
    2. Kodi Keymap = v4 (my preferred remote settings)
    3. AutoPilot (Optional - auto launch kodi on boot up)
    4. Switch Ikono TV icon to Kodi (Optional - Install Ikono TV on the Amazon Fire TV first)
  11. Kodi is now installed and customised on your Fire TV.  
References: and .

Warning: DO NOT USE: Install and Mount Link2SD, Root configuration Tools or Install Recovery Image until you have done in depth research --- Otherwise you may brick your Amazon Fire TV like I did previously! --- Irreversible Brick!!! If you find more information on these how to use tools, please write a comment and let me know.

Other FireTV tips:
  1. Prevent FireTV from updating in case they decide to make it more restrictive: LINK
    • I used two methods:
    • "Method 3: Block updates via Router" and 
    • Ran the following command in adb (FTV > File > Connect)
      "adb shell pm hide"
  2. If, like me, your FireTV updated to and now blocks the installation of FireStarter, you can install FireStopper instead: LINK
Windows / Mac Kodi Installation
Download and install the latest version of Kodi:

Installation of TV Addons on Kodi 
  1. Launch Kodi
  3. Select/edit <NONE>
  4. Type in “
  5. Select the bottom text input box under the “Enter a name for the media Source” field.
  6. Type in "fusion" > Click OK
  7. Return to the main menu and navigate to SYSTEM > SETTINGS > ADD-ONS 
  8. Select INSTALL FROM ZIP FILE > "fusion" > "start-here"
  9. Select "" and wait for the add-on to download and auto-install
  10. Return to the main menu and navigate to PROGRAMS >  CONFIG WIZARD
  11. Select your device and wait for the add-ons to download and auto-install
  12. Browse the apps and enjoy! 
Favourite Kodi Addons
  • Ares: Video Addon installer wizard - LINK
  • Trakt: Sync your Movie and TV watch list with an online tracking tool - LINK
Torrent Automation
Please note that this section is for more advanced users as I am keeping the details of my PC setup very brief. In summary, this setup will automatically turn on my PC before I get home from work, download all the shows follow, import it into my Kodi library on launch.
  1. Create your personalised RSS TV shows feed from: 
  2. Install filebot which automates the renaming and filing of movies and TV shows
  3. Install uTorrent and configure the following preferences: 
    • Add filrbot to uTorrent so that it automatically renames the download and places it into either a Movies or TV Shows folder.
      uTorrent > Preferences > Advanced > Run Program > and in both fields, copy and paste:
      filebot -script fn:amc --output "D:\Videos" --action move --conflict skip -non-strict --log-file amc.log --def unsorted=y music=y artwork=y clean=y "ut_label=%L" "ut_state=%S" "ut_title=%N" "ut_kind=%K" "ut_file=%F" "ut_dir=%D"
    • Preferences > Directories:
      • New downloads in D:\Downloads
      • Move completed downloads to D:\Videos\Unsorted Torrents
      • Automatically load torrents from D:\Downloads
    • Update Bandwidth preferences as necessary
    • Add RSS feeds from step 2 into uTorrent RSS feeds (select automatically download all items published in the feed)
  4. Setup Kodi library to scan for Movies and TV shows in the correct folders. Using the example above, the correct folder structure for Kodi will be: D:\Videos\Movies and D:\Videos\TV Shows.
  5. Setup my low powered PC to automatically turn on at 1830 every day via the PC's BIOS
  6. Setup Windows scheduler to turn off the PC (at 2am on Mondays to Friday) by running a .bat file that contains the following: shutdown.exe /s /f /t 0
Optional - Following TV shows setup of SALTS Kodi Addon

Please note that I no longer use this, but have left the instructions here in case you are interested:
  • Part 1: Install SALTS
  • Please note that I also did the following to improve my SALTS experience:
  • Kodi > Settings > Add-ons > Install from repository > All repositories > Add-on repository > tknorris (Beta Testing and Release repository) 
  • Kodi > System > Add-ons > My Add-ons > Video Add-ons > Stream all the sources > Update (updated to beta version) 
  • Open SALTS > Settings > Auto-configure SALTS > Continue
  • Part 2: SALTS and Trakt
  • Once Trakt account has been created, add all the TV shows watch to your collection:
  • Load website on laptop > Search your fav TV shows > Click Add to collection
  • To watch on Kodi > SALTS > TV Shows > My Collection (click menu and add to favourites to access quickly
  • Or use SALTS > My Next Episodes
  • Go to website to easily mark seasons/episodes as watched.
  • Part 3: SALTS Library Integration