Friday, 6 April 2012

Free your iPhone... Jailbreak it!

Many of you have asked me why and how to jailbreak their iPhones... 

Why? Watch this video...

  • Below is my jailbreaking list of links, tips and tweaks. 
  • Please remember BACKUP your iPhone before you attempt anything. I highly recommend using  iTunes: Right-click on the iPhone in iTunes, and click on both "Transfer purchases" and "Backup iPhone". Please see my iPhone Backup blog post for more details.
  • Once your phone has been backed up and then jailbroken, you can "RESTORE" your device. This will place all the data and apps back onto your device (SMS, settings, etc...)

Jailbreaking Information

Post-Jailbreaking Information

NOTE:   Items marked with ">" are sources and cydia tweaks I have installed

Cydia Sources:
In Cydia, click Manage > Sources > Edit > Add:
> (currently offline)
>   (for in-app purchases: DLC)

If you cannot add it manually, look under:
Cydia Homepage  > More Sources...

Other sources I've used before:

Installed / Recommended Cydia Tweaks  [list updated 05/02/2013 for iPhone 4S 5.1.1]
(Note: I tend to choose packages from BigBoss repo, then iHacksRepo, then others)
> OpenSSH
> AppSync for iOS 5.0+, AppStorelous3
> Installous 5 (currently taken down)
> vShare, Zeusmos, AppCake+ HD, HiPStore
> Speed Intensifier
> SBSettings
> Backgrounder,  KillBackground
> Lockinfo (cracked) (need repo as it needs WeePreferenceLoader)
> OpenNotifier & OpenNotifier Premium
> iFile cracked, No Update
> MarkThatMessage Cracked, Merge
> 3G Unrestrictor 5, ContactPrivacy, User Agent Faker
> SwiftShiftCaret
> Springtomize 2 iOS5+, Infinifolders, MultiIconMover
> FastLock, AnyAttach, Applocker, Notificator, Switchy
> iCleaner, AptBackup, iBye, OpenBackup
> CameraTweak Cracked, Photo Info
> TetherMe Cracked
> User Agent Faker, BatteryLogger Plus
> Wifi Analyzer, Wifi Passwords
> Ushare, EmojiPro, Smart 3G, YTOpener, Nownow, Appinfo

Change root and mobile password
1. Open mobile terminal
2. Enter "su root" then hit return
3. Enter "alpine" (This is the default password) then hit return
4. Enter "passwd" then hit return
5. Enter YOUR NEW PASSWORD then hit return
6. Enter YOUR NEW PASSWORD AGAIN then hit return

This will now take you back to the root directory
7. Enter "passwd mobile" then hit enter
8. Enter YOUR NEW PASSWORD then hit enter
9. Enter YOUR NEW PASSWORD AGAIN then hit enter
Now your done. Close mobile terminal

Block ads with modified host file
Install OpenSSH and iFile (via Cydia)
(You can also use cyberduck, diskaid, ispirit or any other iphone folder browser)
Download this replacement hosts file.
Use iFile to navigate to /etc/ and BACKUP your 'hosts' file by renaming it.
Use iFile to setup a "web server" to upload the host file into the iPhone
Restart your iPhone!

"SAFARI USERS READ: downloading this file saves it as a .txt and won't work. Please use Firefox or another browser. Thanks to drzcharlie for pointing this out! Will keep this file updated to block as many ads as i can please let me know what needs adding. I know theres a few adblock on here but most of them were crap, this works loads better and uses less memory and space"



  1. Once completed, you should see an Absinthe icon on the Home screen. Tap the Absinthe icon, it will open GreenPois0n site, and will then reboot your device. Once it loads again, the Cydia icon will have replaced the Absinthe icon.That is all, now you have jailbreak iPhone 4S / iPad 2 On IOS 5.0.1
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