Monday, 1 October 2012

Make your iPhone faster!

Besides un-installing unused apps clogging up your iPhone to help speed it up, there are two additional things I have done to speed up my device. Unfortunately (fortunately?) it requires your iPhone to be jailbroken.

Rather than write a long "how-to" guide, I'll let the videos on YouTube do the talking for me...

1. iCleaner (BigBoss repo)

This Cydia app clean up all the unnecessary & temporary files built up over the months/years. Running it will free up some space and speed up your iPhone. I recommend running it every month or two.

2. Speed Intensifier (  or

This tweak simply speeds up the animations on your iPhone making it feel faster. The setting on my iPhone 4S for this tweak is +6 as I find it provides a good balance between animation and speed.


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